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E16 Electric Balance Bike



  • Seat adjusts to 16″ to 33″
  • Up to 4 Hour Battery Life
  • Fun for ages 5 & Up
  • Adjustable Speed Settings
  • 16 Inch Wheels
  • Lightweight 15lbs
  • One Year Warranty
  1. Larry Spicer (verified owner)

    This is a nice bike. My granddaughter loves it. However the box was damaged &. the front fork is twisted. I emailed customer service a week ago they haven’t gotten back to me yet. It’s rideable just looks wonky

  2. Gavin G (verified owner)

    I ordered this for my little boy last week. Today I decided to put it together and tried to charge it. It doesn’t do anything when you turn the throttle. Charger just stays green the whole time. Doesn’t change whether plugged in or not. No idea if it’s even charged. Such a disaster for Christmas. This was suppose to be my little boys Christmas present and now he’s gonna get an electric piece of junk bike that doesn’t even work. I’ll see if they respond, but until then, I would stay away from this junk.

    Update – I just put the front wheel on and the forks are so bent that the tire rubs on them. I also took the battery compartment apart and there was a disconnected wire in there. The charger now responds when you plug it in. However, after charging it for an hour, it still doesn’t work at all. Definitely a piece of junk. Find somewhere local to buy one so you don’t have the nightmare I’m having with this. Worst part is that this is my boy’s Christmas present.

    Update – they sent a new one right away. Good product so far. I’ll give it 5 stars after it lasts a little longer. Good customer service.

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The Massimo E16 Balance Bike is the lightweight, easy-to-ride electric bike made for kids 5+ who want to develop their two-wheeled skills. With two Speed Settings of 9 or 15.5 mph top speed, 16 Inch Wheels, up to 6 Hour Battery Life and powerful 24v motor, the E16 is a great entry to powered cycling for a wide range of ages and skill levels.



● Seat adjusts to 16″ to 33″

● Up to 6 Hour Battery Life

● Fun for ages 5 & Up

● Adjustable Speed Settings

● 16 Inch Wheels