SKU: Y300050711

CX50 Electric Cooler



  • Cool from 68°C – 0°F
  • DC Power Cable (12/24 VOLT)
  • 12V AC Adapter for Vehicle Use
  • Bluetooth Control Capability
  • Durable Wheels
  • Sturdy Sliding Handle
  • Built-in USB Port
  1. Mari (verified owner)

    We camped for 4 days and 3 nights with 3 people who like to eat. We also had our family come over and we cooked one huge meal for 9 people. All the food was really cold and good. Pros – the cooler kept cold and at desire temperature -it’s easy to move around with the wheels. -adjust temperature with a click of a button -cold drinks for the following morning. -the compressor is super quiet. We kept it in our tent at night and we were able to sleep -it’s not super heavy. -car adapter and DC adapter come with it -the handle is telescopic so it’s easy to roll around. -drinks cooled down in about 45 minutes to an hour when we set it to 30°. Milk was still good when we got home. -no soggy or wet things. -everything was good even when we went home. -no more ice Cons -it has a drain plug in the middle about 1 inch above the bottom. Kinda weird -it doesn’t come with a built in can opener. Per my husband that’s a must – where the lid is it doesn’t get as cold as the rest of the cooler. We used this section to store salads and bread and it held out good …

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