CX50 Electric Cooler

SKU: Y300050711



  • Cool from 68°C – 0°F
  • DC Power Cable (12/24 VOLT)
  • 12V AC Adapter for Vehicle Use
  • Bluetooth Control Capability
  • Durable Wheels
  • Sturdy Sliding Handle
  • Built-in USB Port

We Provide

Standard Vehicle Battery Protection System

Get on the road knowing your vehicle’s battery is protected by a battery protection system


Take the kool with you

52 Quarts of Space

Trolly Wheels

Adjustable Sliding Handle


Massimo compressors are built in partnership with Alpicool. The Massimo E-kooler CX-50 has an compressor built into each unit for optimum cooling performance. Simply plug in to any outlet to cool, or if you’re on the road the E-Kooler comes with a 12V AC adapter which makes it perfect for road trips and camping. Trolley wheels and a telescopic handle give you added mobility and moving when moving from point A to B. With a built -in USB port, you can simultaneously change your devices. The LCD digital display is easy to use and has a range of cooling from 68 to 0 degrees Fahrenheit. Whether you are not on the road, camping, boating, or at a football game, the E-Kooler is the perfect accessory to keep your food and drinks crisp and cold.