1200W Power Station

SKU: Y291200711



  • LED light bar
  • Solar panel compatibility
  • 13 convenient outputs
  • Lightweight at 24 lbs
  • 3-level adjustable LED lights
  • Pure Sine Wave AC
  • Great for power outages

We Provide

Travel-Friendly Size

This power station features a compact size of 15”L x 9”W x 10.5”H and weights in at a comfortable 24lbs

We Provide

Solar Panel Compatibility

Recharge your power station while you enjoy your hike. The MPS 1200 is compatible with most 60w or 100w solar panel


Power at Your Fingertips

Weight at 24 LBS

Charge Up TO 9 Devices

LED Light With 3 Levels of Brightness


The Massimo Power Station is an asset to any camper or hiker. Equipped with a 1132wh capacity and compatible with a Voltage 18V 60-200W solar panel, the power station charges your essential gear as you maneuver through trails & terrain. Perfect for camping, hiking, hunting, fishing, enjoying the great outdoors. Keep peace of mind knowing that your equipment will be fully charged throughout your journey. *Solar Panel NOT INCLUDED