MCS-300 Level 3 300Kw DC
Dual Electric Vehicle
Fast Charging Station

MCS-300 Level 3 300Kw DC Dual Electric Vehicle Fast Charging Station


  • Conform to SAE j1772
  • Single phase version
  • Suitable for type1
  • Maximum charging current 50A
  • Leakage protection type A + 6mA DC
  • Built in temperature detection and over temperature protection
  • Protection grade IP66
  • Column installation method

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Electric Vehicle Charging with dual CCS1 Charging Cables delivers up to 240A to each vehicle. The MCS-300 EV Charging Station will revolutionize the way electric vehicles (EVs) are charged. This highly efficient charging station can charge an EV in just 20 minutes, providing a much faster charging experience. Our EV charging station installation can bring a multitude of benefits to any business. From increased customer satisfaction to improved brand reputation, the advantages of having an EV charging station are numerous. Not only will it encourage customers to come back, but it can also provide a revenue-generating service, reduce your environmental impact, and even increase your property value.


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Protection grade


Maximum charging current

A + 6mA DC

Leakage protection